Global Food Security

Global Food Security

In collaboration with the Sir Ratan Tata Trust and CINI, ICOS is developing a new project examining the intersections between food security, development, and state security. The project currently has its focus on India and Brazil, as two countries that are widely affected by these issues. A component of the project is a Global Food Security Knowledge Management portal that aims to serve as a "one stop shop" for information on food security around the world:

Food Security Monitor launched

As part of its Global Food Security Initiative, ICOS is pleased to announce the launch of the Food Security Monitor. Delivered every day straight into subscribers’ email inbox the Food Security Monitor synthesises and evaluates news and information to keep professionals alert to the latest issues and trends in the food security sector.

The Food Security Monitor offers:

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Global Food Security Website

The Global Food Security portal has the aim of offering a “one stop shop” for information on food security around the world. This is achieved through the management and organisation of information regarding food security policy and related issues comprehensively in one place.

The portal provides instant access to articles and studies on local and international food security policy from a cross-section of organisations working with the subject .Thus a


Civil Society Initiatives

The Global Food Security Initiative supports the following Civil Society Initiatives:

Civil Society Organisations for the Committee on World Food Security

CSO4CFS is an online community where civil society representatives from around the world can receive up to date information on all matters related to the Committee on World Food Security (CFS), its intercessional activities and yearly plenary sessions. Find out details on how your organisation can influence policy