Rights, Citizenship and Supporting Civil Society

Citizens, civil society and philanthropic organisations have an essential and unique role to play in shaping the societies they live in. In Brazil, ICOS works to engage favela communities to promote citizenship and community engagement through the Urban Citizenship Labs. In the MENA region, ICOS has designed programmes to enhance the effective contribution of civil society organisations to the Tunisian political dialogue, and to support efforts to ensure that freedom of expression and freedom of the press become key tenets of Tunisian society. Also in the MENA region, ICOS is working to create a regional network to link and support existing organisations in the region on issues relating to the status of women.


Making One City

Making One City : Video for the pilot project of ICOS Urban Citizenship Labs in the Morro da Formiga favela of Rio de Janeiro.


Urban Citizenship Labs – Morro da Formiga

“Together changing the face of Formiga”
Urban Citizenship Labs in Morro da Formiga, Rio de Janeiro

The goal of an integrated Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro is currently within grasping reach of becoming a fully integrated city. The current police pacification programme and accompanied social investment have made unprecedented advances towards the possibility of truly integrating the city Rio de Janeiro. However, for these gains to be lasting, they


Urban Labs in Rio de Janeiro

Since August 2010, ICOS team started implementing Urban Labs in the Formiga Community of Rio de Janeiro. This project has the support of the local Pacification Police Unit (UPP), recently established.

The project aims to outline the community through a diagnosis, to identify the singularities of the community and to developing, within the neighbourhood population, a new understanding of their role as citizens. Finally, the objective is to use the


ICOS Citizenship website launched

The ICOS Citizenship programme launches its new website today. The ICOS Citizenship programme combines innovative research and policy analysis to promote pragmatic responses to today’s most pressing social challenges. The website contains information on ICOS’s Urban Labs programme as well as books, events and security news.



Security and Citizenship Labs in Asuncion, Paraguay

During 2010, País Seguro Foundation, an institution created in Asuncion with projects throughout Paraguay, invited ICOS team to develop a pilot project of the Security and Citizenship Labs in Paraguay. In order to introduce the methodology to the Paraguayan community, and train the País Seguro Foundation team, it has been decided that the neighborhood of “Bañados Sur”, with about 40,000 inhabitants, would benefit from the first Labs in Paraguay. Situated


Trends in Policing Series

Two interviews conducted by ICOS have been featured in the acclaimed Trends in Policing Series, produced by IPES, The International Police Executive Symposium.

Raymond Kendall, Honorary Secretary General of Interpol and Chair of IC OS Advisory Board explains views on policing and human rights. Rodrigo Oliviera, the Sub-Chief of Rio de Janeiro’s Civil Police explained Police practice in the city. Both were interviewed by ICOS’ George Howell and Andre Mateus


Rio de Janeiro International Symposium on Public Security and Drug Policy (25 February 2008)

Co-hosted by the Brazilian National Antidrug Secretariat SENAD/GSI/PR, Ministry of Justice’s National Public Security Secretariat SENASP/MJ, Directorate of the Federal Police, and ICOS are hosting The First International Symposium on Public Security and Drug Policy, which will take place in the 25th, 26th and 27th of February, at the Sofitel Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This event brings together international authorities, experts and policy makers to discuss the most